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Our firm was founded in 1809 as a foundry. We built the first hydraulic machine (hydraulic press) in Japan at the beginning of 19th century when Japan was undergoing the revolution in the machine industry. Since then we have been developing and absorbing the latest technology and building up the experience step by step as a press manufacturer.

After world war II in particular we designed and built many oil hydraulic presses for various industries with our own technology based on the rich experience, and "Kojima" got a solid reputation for being an expert on the oil hydraulic presses. Now our own press technology was even utilized to manufacture large-sized special steel pipes for Tokyo Skytree, the tallest radio tower in the world, which was completed in May 2012.

Thanks to client’s continuous support, we had 210th year anniversary in 2019. We will continue to “construct the relationship of trust with clients”, “create new products matched to the needs of clients and society”, and “challenge towards gaining the satisfaction of clients”. Consistently responding to client’s demand, we will head towards the next 200 years.

We are looking forward to serving you with our hydraulic presses.

February 01, 2022
Kazuya Shinagawa, President & CEO

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Company Profile

Company Name Kojima Iron Works Co., Ltd.
Representative Kazuya Shinagawa, President & CEO
Head Office/Plant 155, Kenzaki-machi, Takasaki-shi, Gunma, Japan
TEL:+81-(0)27-343-1511 / FAX:+81-(0)27-343-1518
Tokyo Office 15-7, 1-chome, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
TEL:+81-(0)3-3563-2401/ FAX:+81-(0)3-3564-5844
Service Center Osaka Service Center TEL:+81-(0)6-6556-6664 Kyushu Service Center TEL:+81-(0)93-383-8268
Undertaking Metalforming and Total Systematic Engineering
Capital JPY 495,000,000

Company History

Private Business Period
1809 KOJIMA was established as a foundry with the permission of the Japanese Emperor.
1884 KOJIMA delivered the entrance gate cast iron bridge of Emperor's Palace (NIJUBASHI) with the design of Mr. T. Kume through C.ILLIES & CO,.LTD.


1885 KOJIMA began to manufacture machines and developed the first domestic Hydraulic Press for a soybean sauce maker.
Limited Partnership Period
1930 KOJIMA tried to develop heavy duty hydraulic presses and succeeded in manufacturing a 1,000 ton press for a electric power unit maker.
Joint-Stock Company Period
1936 KOJIMA changed its organization to a joint-stock company and constructed a new plant at Utagawa-town.

Big Buddha Statue
<Big Buddha Statue>

1938 KOJIMA opened its stocks at Tokyo stock exchange market.
1940 KOJIMA increased the production capacity, namely, constructed a new plant at Kuragano-town and invested for Matsuida Iron Works, Co. and Miyama Iron Works, Co. 1941 KOJIOMA introduced the hydraulic press techniques from EUMUCO in Germany and manufactured several forging presses of 2,000 ton capacity and the other big hydraulic presses.
1955 KOJIMA built a 7,000 ton Asbestos Slate Forming Press. KOJIMA succeeded in developing a Press Brake.


1957 KOJIMA established a reputation as "the Best Hydraulic Press Specialist" because it had delivered many big presses to the heavy industry.
1961 KOJIMA opened its stocks at the Tokyo stock exchange market again.
1962 KOJIMA's president Y. Kodama was decorated by the Emperor for the contribution to the press industry.
1963 KOJIMA succeeded in developing a Die Spotting Press and delivered it to a leading automobile manufacturer.
1965 KOJIMA built a 10,000 ton press which was the biggest press in Japan at the time.
1966 KOJIMA finished constructing the new head office building.

Head Office building
<Head Office building>

1969 KOJIMA constructed the new plant with the latest equipment and comfortable facilities on the land of 50,000㎡ in Yahata, the suburb of Takasaki-city.

New plant
<New Plant>

1970 KOJIMA made a license agreement with GROTNES(USA) and began to manufacture Roll Formers, Expanders and Shrinkers.
1971 KOJIMA developed the huge straightening machines for big shaped steel bars and delivered them to Nippon Steel Co. and the other steel makers.
1972 KOJIMA developed huge, high-speed and automatic press such as High Speed Forging Press, Full-Automatic Compound Molding Press and Construction Waste Recycle Press.
1974 KOJIMA delivered huge Construction Waste Recycle Plant to local government.
1975 KOJIMA inclined to manufacture not only presses but also transfer systems and dies, as a whole plant. KOJIMA delivered stainless bath tub plants to housing fields.
1976 KOJIMA increased the capital to JPY501,782,350. The exporting percentage of sales amount was greatly increased.
1977 KOJIMA built and delivered a huge plate working press which had 18m table, the largest in Japan at the time. KOJIMA delivered Scrap Baler Press to automobile manufacturers.
1978 KOJIMA built a wheel calibrator and delivered it to a leading wheel manufacturer.
1980 KOJIMA started manufacturing FRP presses under a license agreement with Williams White(USA).
1981 KOJIMA started manufacturing weld controls under a license agreement with Medar(USA).
1982 KOJIMA built the first D.C. welder for passenger-car rims in Japan and delivered it to a leading automobile manufacturer. KOJIMA started manufacturing Stretch Forming Machines and Tube Test Benches under a license agreement with ACB (France).
1983 KOJIMA furthered its reputation by building a 10,000 ton Plate Working Press.
1987 KOJIMA acquired the manufacturing and selling rights of Vision System from MEDAR (USA)
1990 KOJIMA constructed an additional new plant with the huge planomachining center and assembling plant, and increased largely the production capacity for the huge-sized presses.
1994 KOJIMA started developing a High-Speed Hydraulic Press which equals to a Mechanical Press.
2000 KOJIMA delivered a Small Lot High-Speed Hydraulic Press to a major automobile manufacturer.
2001 KOJIMA developed and delivered 10,000 ton Special Compound Molding Press.
2002 KOJIMA developed Hydraulic Press which runs in accordance with Mechanical Press's pressure curve and delivered it to major automobile manufacturers.
2004 KOJIMA developed and delivered 15,000 ton Hydraulic Press.
2007 KOJIMA developed and delivered 10,000 ton Hydraulic Press.
2009 KOJIMA developed and delivered Plate Leveler.
2010 KOJIMA developed and delivered 5,000/10,000 ton Hydraulic Press.
2011 KOJIMA developed and delivered Ring Rolling Mill.
2014 KOJIMA developed and delivered 16,000 ton Hydraulic Press.