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After-sales Service

Our motto is 'Quick','Polite','Accurate','Reliable' Service

Afte-sales Service Flow

After-sales Service System "Anytime, Certainly"

Please inform "Manufacturing No." and "Type of Machine" in Inscription Plate mounted in Machine.We will promptly and properly process.

Periodical Check Up "Low Price and Quick"

"Power Press Machine Specified Independent Examination" to be performed in short time.

24/7(24hrs,7days a week)365days monitoring on machine condition.
  [KRMS:KOJIMA Remote Monitoring Maintenance Support System]

KOJIMA Remote Monitoring Maintenance System(KRMS) will reduce machine downtime by checking situation in case of trouble and support customers for preventive action before trouble happens.
KRMS also provides maintenance supportive service by providing the information of periodic check up timing and others by email.

Contact for After-sales Service

Manufacturing Dept After-sales Service
TEL:+81-(0)27-343-1511/ FAX:+81-(0)27-343-1518
Contact by E-mail here