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Rim Forming Press

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Passenger Car Rotary Roll Former/Space Saving Type

Passenger Car Rim Manufacturing Line
Single End Type

Single End Rotary Roll Former

Passenger Car Manufacturing Line
Double End Type

Double End Rotary Roll Former

Coiler.Welder Loader and T・R・S



Rotary Roll Former

KOJIMA designs and produces three types of Rotary Roll Formers, Single End, Double End and Near Net Shape. Each has advantages for particular types of applications. Each type is available in a board range of sizes and tonnage capacities to accommodate parts of various diameters, lengths and material thicknesses.

Special Features

  • KOJIMA's Rotary Roll Forming is free of previous problems such as deflection and uneven sizes caused with Inline Roll Forming.
  • The strength of welding position will increase because the mother material of and around the welding position is formed thickly.
  • Capacity is 4,000-9,000kg in Roll Pressure. Productivity is 100-1,200pcs/hour.
  • The Sequential line is so easily systematized and automated that high productivity by labor/cost saving can be performed.

Suitable Industries

KOJIMA's Rotary Roll Former is suitable for the mass production of cylindrical parts. Better application to the following products are expected.

  • Wheel Rim of Automobiles, Trucks, Tractor, Automobile, Bike.
  • Ring for Jet Engine
  • Ring for Aircraft
  • Pipe Coupling
  • Blower Ring

Rotary Roll Forming Process
Rotary Roll Forming Process

Forming Process in Rim Forming Line
Forming Process in Rim Forming Line


The integrated blank preparation module combined the coiler, end conditioning press, welder and weld dressing equipment in one machine. Often integrated with other fully automated machines into complete manufacturing lines, the blank preparation module maintains automatic and continuous flow of coiled, welded and trimmed blanks at rates of up to 1,000 per hour. D.C. butt welder in which the welding unit is incorporated in the module is also available.

Special Features

  • The time for welding is so short that the bad influence by spatter is eliminated.
  • Welding is accomplished quickly without fumes and dust to improve working condition.
  • An electric current is distributed at uniform level to improve the quality of products.
  • D.C. Butt Welding consumes just the half electric power of Flash Butt Welding.
  • The amount of material can be saved.