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Hydraulic Forging Press

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Double Action Forging Press
【Table Size】1,000×1,000mm

120000kN Hot Forging Press
【Table Size】2,000×3,000mm

20000kN Hydraulic Forging Press
【Table Size】1,500×1,200mm

25000kN Hydraulic Forging Press
【Table Size】2,900×2,000mm

Hydraulic Forging Press
【Table Size】3,500×6,000mm

150000kN Free Forging Press
【Table Size】4,000×3,500mm

36000kN Two Column Type Forging Press
【Table Size】4,000×1,500mm

10000kN C-Frame Type Forging Press
【Table Size】1,150×4,300mm

15000kN Forging Press
【Table Size】3,000×1,250mm

25000kN Hot Forging Press
【Table Size】3,250×1,500mm

150000kN Free/Closed Die Forging Press/Aluminum
【Table Size】4,500×3,000mm

90000kN Hot Forging Press
【Table Size】2,500×1,800mm

65000kN Hot Forging Press
【Table Size】2,480×1,700mm

7500kN C-Frame Type Forging Press

5000kN Cold Forging Press

Free Forging Press

  • Three types of Four-Column, Two-Column, C-Frame are available.
  • C-Frame Type is especially suitable for the forging of complicated shapes because of its unique design.
  • The ram and the cross head are connected with so specially spherical joints that the deflection by off-center loading can be absorbed.
  • A manual/automatic selectable model, with which High Speed Automatic Forging can be performed, is available.

Cold Forging Press

  • The heavily welded steel frame construction is strong enough to maintain the accuracy for the precise forging.
  • An accurate position setting is possible.
  • A high-speed continuous operation can be performed.