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Recent Reference

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Double Action Forging Press
【Table Size】1,000×1,000mm

120000kN Hot Forging Press
【Table Size】2,000×3,000mm

12000kN Side Frame Type Hydraulic Press
【Table Size】6,500×500mm

#22-5-HS-500-10 Shrinker

5000kN Side Frame Type Hydraulic Press
with Die Cushion
【Table Size】2,800×1,700mm

8000kN Hydraulic Bender
【Table Size】9,200mm

20000kN Hydraulic Forging Press
【Table Size】1,500×1,200mm

15000kN Trial Press
【Table Size】4,500×2,500mm

20000kN Hydraulic Press
【Table Size】5,000×3,000mm

30000kN Gag Press
【Anvil Span】6,150mm

25000kN Hydraulic Forging Press
【Table Size】2,900×2,000mm

10000kN Hydraulic Press
【Table Size】600×9,500mm

25000kN Press Leveler with Flatness Gauge
【Table Size】1,300×5,200mm

12000kN Hydraulic Press
【Table Size】3,000×2,000mm

Cold Expander