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Tryout Press
Die Spotting Press

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20000kN Hydraulic Press
【Table Size】5,000×3,000mm

5000kN Die Spotting Press
【Table Size】4,600×2,300mm

12000kN Die Spotting Press
【Table Size】4,600×2,300mm

Die Spotting Line

12000kN Tryout Press
【Table Size】3,500×2,200mm

1000kN Turn-Over Slide Frame Type Die Spotting Press
【Table Size】4,600×2,300mm

Tryout System

Tryout Press

This Tryout Press is especially designed for application in Die Shop and offers diverse rolls for Tryout, Drawing, Bending and Punching. The combination Type of Metal Forming and Resin Forming is also available.

Special Features

  • Exceeding Controllability
  • ⇒The following operation can be easily performed with operation panel by use of Electric-Hydraulic Servomechanism.
    ① The set-up of Upper and Lower Limit of Slide.
    ② The set-up of Ascending and Descending speed.
    ③ The adjustment of Lower Limit position by use of dial.

  • Highly precise positioning control
  • ⇒Lower Limit positioning for both of Die Spotting and Deep Drawing is extremely precise.

  • Punching Process
  • ⇒Balance Cylinder and Feedback Control System eliminate the overrun during punching process.

  • Energy-saving circuit
  • ⇒Special Hydraulic Circuit realizes the great saving of energy.

  • Safety
  • ⇒Slide Locking Device, Automatic Safety Block, Slide Stop and Optical Safety Device are equipped.

  • Three major features of High-Speed Tryout Press
  • ⇒Almost the same high pressing speed as Mechanical Press is available by use of ACC.
    ⇒High-speed control (pressing speed 600mm/sec) by use of ACC realizes Multicurb in Forming Line.
    ⇒Almost the same Air Die Cushion Device as Mechanical Press is equipped.

Die Spotting Press

Our Die Spotting Presses , developed after a study of customers' requirements, can realize not only Improvement of Productivity and Saving of Labor, but also High-Precision, Safety and High-Controllability during the various stage of die production. Two Types of Standard type and Turn-Over type are available according to requirements in operation.

Special Features

  • Two types of control methods, Microinching Type and Servo Control Type, are available.
  • This press is equipped with special devices such as Slide Stop which can stop the platen at any point within stroke, Electrically Interlocked Safety Block, and so on.

FMS Tryout System

Special Features

  • Trial and repair of several sets can be performed at the same time.
  • The Die changing process is fully automated.
  • CNC(Computer Numerical Control) realizes the automatic Die selection and Setting of various press sequences.
  • The simulation control in accordance with Speed Curb of Production Press is available.


  • Tryout Press (Double Action, Single Action)
  • Die Setter
  • Moving Bolster
  • Turn Tables
  • Transfer Simulator

Drawing of Tryout system layout
Drawing of Tryout system layout